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I love to tell stories about the ghosts on one's doorstep and the history under our feet.

Eve Karlin
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Eve Karlin

Eve Karlin is the author of City of Liars and Thieves which was published by Alibi, a digital imprint of Random House, in January 2015. Her upcoming historical novel, Track 61, inspired by the Nazi saboteur landing on Long Island in the summer of 1942, will be published by Coffeetown Press in the spring of 2022. Eve lives in East Hampton, New York with her husband and triplets and is a bookseller at BookHampton, where she runs the book club and the local author program.

Eve Karlin's books

Track 61_Front cover_400x620

Track 61

City of Liars and Thieves_400x620

City of Liars and Thieves

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